MAXPRO s.r.o.

MAXPRO s.r.o. was established at the beginning of 1996 as a company specialized in automation, reconstruction, revitalization and modernization in textile industry. MAXPRO immediately enhanced their activity into other areas. Today we have long experience in areas like:

metal industry
machine development and production
plastic pressing
rail signalling and automation
textile industry
sewage disposal plant
software development (embedded solutions)
Visualization software development (ProfiView)
Software development client – server apps.

Other areas where MAXPRO is going to is software development. From software for microchips to server client solutions, data store (DWH), visualization, reporting, alarming, monitoring and general system integration.

Our employee and partners are team of experts oriented to wide spectrum of industry in all above mentioned areas.

Our corporate values we apply into each delivery:

Individual approach and solution
We value each customer and focus attention on each customer's requirement and problem.

Extreme delivery and discovering other areas of application is challenge we are proud to meet.

Effective solution
We are looking for effective and optimal solution. Expansive and complicated doesn't mean effective and optimal.

userMAXPRO s.r.o.

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Jiráskova 379
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tel/fax: +420 571 415 387
tel: +420 571 416 325

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